🌈 Easily group concepts using colours
Want to quickly categorise concepts? You can now add a colour to each concepts for easy grouping! Try it now
concept colours
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Coming soon: Next we will be adding permanent highlighting on each document in concept colours.
🙋 Learn how to use Lateral effectively
Find answers quickly to your questions. See best practices and get the most out of Lateral. https://www.lateral.io/help
Help Pages Animations
Please submit an additional questions or feedback regarding the help pages here: https://www.lateral.io/help/feedback
🔭 Product Roadmap - See what's coming up
Check out the new roadmap to see what new features are coming to the app soon. https://www.lateral.io/roadmap
In progress
- being worked on right now and coming very soon
Up next
- currently scheduled for being worked on next
- upcoming features planned for the near future
There are many features we have in our overall pipeline. We prioritise based on feedback from conversations with the community, upvoting and ideas that have a big impact on the value the app provides.
🔍 Search and add from 30 million open access papers
Table View
This was one of the highest requested features and the first version is ready. Aside from uploading documents, you can now search through 30 million open access papers from 50k journals by title. And this is just the beginning of what is possible! We now need your help, as we will be expanding the functionality and sources with your feedback. You can try the feature by clicking the Add Documents button in the header of any project!
You are able to further filter results by "has PDF" and order them by year. We are working to add further filters and would love to hear what would be most useful for you. You are able to easy add papers to your project by clicking the plus button (this will use some page quota like uploading documents) or click the more info button to get take to the journal's page. There you get more of a context where the paper is from, usually find the abstract and further information.
We are also working on another feature to help you search across all the documents in your workspace. This will be really great for teams or labs, as you can essentially Super Search across your own curated content pool. If you want to find out more or want early access, feel free to reach out through the chat in app!
📥 Drop documents anywhere in the Table View
The upload is more integrated into the app and appears as a modal, instead of standalone page. If you drag documents directly into a project the modal will now also automatically open!
Links for finding documents are also displayed in the tab called
Research Tool Wall
. Stay tuned for further updates, we have an exciting new feature for finding research papers coming very soon :)
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🔬 Zoom out out out
Document View
In the Doc Viewer you can now zoom out much further, so you can read at your preferred size. Zoom out loads to get an overview of all pages. Minimise the document sidebar of you want even more space to see the document you are reading.
Screen Shot 2022-04-07 at 11
⏱ Doc View Performance Upgrade
Document View
We have completely rebuilt the Document View! Faster performance + highlighting 🏎
🗺 Updated Get Started Guide
We've updated the
Get Started Guide
! Find all the latest functionality and tips on how to get the most out of Lateral. See it here
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🤝 Workspaces (Beta)
Everything you do in Lateral takes place in a workspace. Currently you can only have one workspace per email.
From today we are rolling out early access of the ability to create and join multiple workspaces with one email.
Do you want to use Lateral with your team? Just send us a message in the in-app chat!
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🏞 Full colour PDFs
Document View
We are super happy to announce that PDFs are now displayed in full colour and in higher res in the Document View! For existing and new uploads.
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